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» About us

About us

Over the last few years there has been a mushrooming of European think tanks. These strategic fora for study and reflexion are aimed at decision-makers, providing them with material for their debates.

Pour la Solidarité (PLS) is a service provider for socio-economic and political stakeholders wishing to operate in a professional manner in the European solidarity sector.

Pour la Solidarité, which is in permanent contact with the European Institutions, caters for the needs of solidarity stakeholders in Europe.

We aim to play an active role in the following areas: formulation of sustainable public policies, the increasing interest being shown by companies in corporate social responsibility, promoting the social economy and encouraging citizens to take part in decision-making processes in order to address the many emerging challenges and contribute to the construction of a Europe that espouses solidarity and fosters social cohesion. Our projects help to build bridges between the different families of stakeholders in the economic and social sectors: public authorities, companies, trade unions, research centres and associations.

PLS is currently undertaking a number of activities: it has launched and is overseeing a series of European projects; is developing competence networks; is prompting the commissioning and dissemination of socio-economic studies; the setting up of observatories ; the organisation of thematic conferences, seminars and meetings ; the drafting of recommendations for public authorities and consultancy work for economic decision-makers. This document sets out our objectives, our approach and the actions and services that we provide to all stakeholders who, like us, wish to build a Europe of the future that fosters sustainable, solidarity-based development.

Happy reading!

With the expressions of our solidarity,
Denis Stokkink,
President of the European Think Tank Pour la Solidarité
Information at: www.pourlasolidarite.be

3 Areas of activity

We provide services in three main areas of activity

« Resources »
PLS has a wealth of resources, providing socio-economic stakeholders with a number of news and information services:

• Society Watch: research, analysis and dissemination of news and information about Europe that is tailored to your needs. Our aim is to keep you informed about legal, social and economic developments in Europe relating to your activities.

• Research: carrying out studies, collecting examples of best practice, drafting recommendations based on precise and pertinent analyses. Nowadays it is essential to understand the main issues at stake in Europe in order to anticipate your strategy and develop forward-thinking projects. PLS provides you with the tools needed to understand the European environment in which you live.

• Les Cahiers de la Solidarité: these publications, which are a real source of information on socio-economic issues, are produced in four thematic series: Social cohesion and the social economy, Diversity and CSR, Citizenship and participative democracy, Sustainable town and country development.
Our collection of publications constitutes a source of information and knowledge that enables us to achieve our aim of providing stakeholders with the tools needed to understand the European environment in which they operate.

« Expertise -Consultancy »

We offer socio-economic stakeholders support services in all areas of the solidarity sector, including:

• Training: the courses, which are organised on request by Pour la Solidarité and are tailored to your needs, provide training in European issues and the functioning of the European institutions, as well as on more specific topics (the impact of the liberalisation of services in Europe, corporate social responsibility, the European social model, ...).

• Consultancy: You would like to develop a corporate diversity strategy? Anticipate the impact that European policies will have on your activities?
Take part in European tendering procedures? If so, Pour la Solidarité is here to give you the benefit of its expertise.

« Networking »

With a view to fostering exchange and synergies at European level, we help you to establish high-quality, reliable contacts. PLS can create spaces for you to exchange ideas and dialogue with your target groups.

• European Networking: You would like to develop your own network of partners?
Establish reliable contacts with European stakeholders? Or simply establish contacts with important bodies? If so, PLS offers you its networking expertise and will guide you through the stages of this process. Our think tank, which is in permanent contact with the European Institutions, is your direct link to these bodies.

• Events organisation: you would like to organise a public event dealing with the issue of solidarity? At national or European level? You are looking for suitable speakers? If so, Pour la Solidarité has experience in organising conferences and other public events.
Our knowledge of the main issues being debated in Europe, coupled with our technical expertise when it comes to organising international or local events, will ensure that your events produce a wealth of productive exchanges.

Four strategic axes for the future

With a view to achieving its objectives, Pour la Solidarité has been committed since its foundation to four areas of crucial importance to society now and in the future:

• Social cohesion and the social economy: solidarity-based employment policies, social entrepreneurship, liberalisation of social services of general interest in Europe,...
• Diversity and CSR: diversity policies, gender equality, intercultural dialogue,...
• Citizenship and participative democracy: organised civil society, citizens’ participation, the role of associations,...
• Sustainable town and country planning: sustainable housing, urban policy, social ecology, new urban professions,...



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