Workshop - The Capital Markets Union, an answer to the financial crisis?

Wednesday, 9 December 2015
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SMEs, start-ups, retail investors, financial institutions, who will benefit from the revival of securitisation? This central question will be addressed by members of the FESSUD project, as well as representatives from both civil society and cooperative banks in the frame of this workshop on the recourse of Capital Markets Unions to boost the European economy. This event, organised by POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ - PLS will be hosted by the European Parliament, with the support of MEP Tang, Member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

The Capital Markets Union (CMU) is one of the main initiatives of the European Commission. Its objectives are to support the creation of jobs and growth by unlocking long-term investment in Europe and removing financial barriers between the 28 EU Member States with the aim to support Europe's businesses. Non-banking lending - also called shadow banking - is at the core of the European Commission's Action Plan on building a Capital Markets Union. One of the key legislative proposals attached to the CMU will be a framework to support the revival of securitisation, which raises fundamental questions in light of the FESSUD research.

FESSUD is a multidisciplinary, pluralistic project which aims to forge alliances across the social sciences, so as to understand how finance can better serve economic, social and environmental needs. It has thoroughly analysed pre-crisis developments as well as the link between financialisation and the real economy. Four years of pluridisciplinary research and experience from the field (cooperative banks) will be put to use in this workshop to analyse the European Commission's proposal for a CMU in 2 two panels:

  1. Will the Capital Markets Union create jobs and help finance SMEs?

  2. Reviving securitisation: what are the positives and what to watch out for?


This event is addressed to EU-policy makers willing to understand the implications of the CMU in terms of job creation and competitivenessThe number of seats is limited. Please register before Thursday 3rd December 2015You will be informed whether we are able to confirm your registration on Friday 4th December 2015.


This event is co-financed by the 7th Framework Programm of the European Commission.


European Parliament - Room A7F387