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SportyMentor : Sport and mentoring to help disadvantaged young people !

Wednesday, 22 November 2023

SportyMentor's first deliverable - a guide to define the scientific basis of the support programme that will be proposed - is now AVAILABLE on the project website in all the languages of the consortium (English - French - Portuguese - Romanian).

The SportyMentor project aims to use mentoring and sport as tools to stimulate cognitive, behavioural and emotional changes in young people aged 13 to 19 in difficulty, in order to strengthen their motivation to pursue a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Youth in Europe

The aim of this first part of the guide is to :

  • Get a better idea of the identity of the "young" public at European level
  • Identify European and international policies that take account of their needs
  • Identify and understand the main sources of disadvantage for these young people

Understanding who these target groups are and familiarising ourselves with their reality and the different challenges they face in each country of the consortium will enable us to develop a programme that is flexible, transferable and, above all, based on their real needs.

Support for disadvantaged young people

This section of the guide explores the needs of young people through the social and emotional learning framework developed by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) and how these needs can be met through physical activity and mentoring. This approach will form the basis of a programme contributing to the creation of safe, healthy and inclusive communities.

Youth involvement through sport and mentoring

Although mentoring relationships in sport are undeniable, there is still a lack of scientific research on the subject, as well as a lack of structured and formal mentoring programmes in the field of sport. SportyMentor is therefore breaking new ground by offering a combination of sport and a mentoring programme specially designed to meet the needs of young people in difficult situations.

Check out and download the first delivrable of this project on the SportyMentor website!