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Social Tech Academy: digital skills for the social economy.

European project
February 2022 to October 2023

The Social Tech Academy is the platform of resources on the digital professions of the Social Economy and Social Tech, i.e. the use of technology for social, societal and citizen action. This project is supported by the European programme Erasmus+.

The objective is to provide the target audiences with the entry and orientation keys to the digital transformation of the SSE. Thus, this programme is dedicated to the acculturation to social digital for actors of the social economy, young people, and people in professional reconversion through the sharing of knowledge, practices and skills, as well as a referencing of good practices of the non profit Tech.


This project was born from the results of the SOGA (Social Good Accelerator) study of 2019 which proposed to analyse the needs of social economy and civil society organisations in cooperation with digital actors. This study shows that a large majority of social utility structures that have cooperated with a tech innovation structure consider that this cooperation has had positive effects on strengthening their tech skills (80%) and strengthening their social impact (78%). But a large majority considers that social economy structures do not know enough about the potential of technology (76%) and that there is a lack of knowledge about the Tech sector (81%).

This project is therefore designed to meet the challenges of digital transformation of the social economy, recruitment and initial and ongoing training. It will consist of creating the future reference platform for the development, dissemination and sharing of digital skills, adapted to the social economy.


The Social Tech Academy is divided into five objectives:

  • A framework for the Social Tech Academy

Research on the need to increase skills and recruitment in the digital sector of the social economy.

  • Training of trainers

Training of trainers programme.

  • A platform and online courses

Online courses on digital topics.

  • A media library of social tech professions

To create a media library on the platform covering the Social Tech jobs; To become the reference platform for Social Tech jobs in order to promote their dissemination and popularisation.

  • An Atlas of Social Technologies "Social Tech Job Pedia

Create a database listing the actors of the digital transition of the social economy in Europe in the form of a database (website and application).


This project brings together 4 associations from 4 Member States:


Alexis Willemot