Even at work, don't look away. Take action!

June 2020
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POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ - PLS continues its work to combat gender-based violence by publishing this practical guide for companies and organisations, in collaboration with the Belgian Institute for Equality of Women and Men (IEFH). Available in French and Dutch, this brochure aims to help companies and organisations in supporting employees confronted with domestic violence.

Belgian companies suffer the significant consequences of domestic violence: loss of productivity, sudden departures, replacements, unjustified or extended absences, but also consequences in terms of the psychosocial well-being of employees and their colleagues. The impacts of such violence can also lead to exclusion from the labour market. Yet, work is necessary because it is synonymous with economic independence, physical security and self-worth.

This brochure is intended for companies, associations, public structures, employers in Wallonia, Flanders or the Brussels-Capital Region. It aims both to contribute to raising awareness and to take concrete action to combat violence and its consequences in the workplace, but also to make it possible to step up cooperation between all parties involved in improving the well-being of workers. Measures are thus proposed to detect and support victims of domestic violence in the workplace.

Available in French and Dutch, this practical guide explains the mechanisms of violence, its repercussions on work but also the different ways to best support employees who are confronted with it.

We can also send you copies to be left in your offices so that each of your employees has the opportunity to read them. To receive some, please contact the project manager, Louise Pigeolet.


The publication of this brochure is a continuation of the CEASE project, which aimed to build a European network of companies, associations and public structures committed to preventing and combating violence between partners. Thanks to this large-scale European project, PLS and its partners have been able to train many of its employees on the issue of partner violence so that it is no longer taboo, or even denied, in the workplace.


Françoise Kemajou