Sustainable skills and food : a winning training !

February 2019
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Since October 2018, POUR LA SOLIDARITE-PLS and the Erasmus+ european project partners of Training 4 Sustainable Food Systems Development - T4F work together to create a formation which aims to develop and/or reinforce the sustainable competencies with (future) workers of the food industry sectors. The training manual, first out of three tools that will be completed in the next weeks, is now available ! 

A flexible, practical and complete formation 

Regarding the necessity of including the environmental and sustainable dimensions in the European issues of growth, training and employment, T4F project partners developed a toolkit for (future) professionals in the food sector.

  1. A European and theoretical benchmarking of the European legislative corpus and presenting best training practices in sustainable food in Belgium, Spain, Italy, France and Sweden.
  2. The framework that defines the main areas of the training (nutrition, ecology, economy and social).
  3. An innovative and flexible training manual structured in 8 units. 
  4.  A toolbox giving the keys to teach and/or follow the training, and including an assessment tool.
  5. A policy paper.

Presented here, the T4F training has been developed in a collaborative and participative way by VET (vocational education and training) centers but also experts on the topics of sustainable development and/or the social economy.

This training aims to introduce notions of sustainability and green skills in the food sector from the cooking to the hotel management. The training can be given in entirety or unit by unit. Indeed, the training could be used by different kind of VET providers and intended for trainees at different educational levels. Moreover, each learning unit mixes theory and practice to develop or improve the green skills in a general but concrete way.

Citizens, trainees or trainers, if the sustainable food is a topic that interests you, on which you would like to discuss or debate or if you would like to learn more about the subject, do not hesitate to follow our training!


Marie Schuller



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